About Us

About Us

Complete Fire Investigation, LLC (CFI) is an independent forensic fire investigation company which provides a spectrum of services at competitive prices. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and forensic analysis and investigations that are the highest quality in the industry.

Our responsive, thorough, and client focused approach assures you of the highest quality origin and cause investigation.  Our fire experts are capable of providing this expertise no matter how large or how small the loss may be.  All analysis and investigations are conducted in accordance with the requirements and methodology of NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, NFPA 1033 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, and the current accepted principles of fire investigation and analysis.

Each assignment will be approached with no preconceived notions and our investigators will simply let the available evidence speak for itself.  All investigations are performed under the guidelines set forth in current editions of NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.   As such, the Scientific Method of Investigation is employed: where data from a wide variety of sources is collected and analyzed, hypotheses are developed and tested, and a final hypothesis is selected based on the facts of the data analysis and evidence.  We hope you will find our honesty and integrity somewhat refreshing. 

Complete Fire Investigation carries the appropriate levels of professional liability insurance and we can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance, upon request. Our Investigators are licensed and registered in those states that require such.  All investigators are certified as IAAI – Certified Fire Investigators (IAAI-CFI) and Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and meet the qualifications for fire investigators set for under NFPA 1033. Our investigators have qualified and testified as an expert witness on multiple occasions, for trials and depositions concerning origin and cause opinions in both state and federal courts. 

Our Facilities and Equipment

The main office in Covington, Georgia has a full service laboratory and a secure, climate-controlled evidence warehouse facility.  Our lab is equipped with ultra-sonic cleaners, microscopes, and a vehicle lift.  Our evidence warehouse is secured and organized by a bin-lot management system.  Our main office is under 24-hour video surveillance.


Complete Fire Investigation, LLC has a forensic laboratory located at our main office in Covington, Georgia. Our lab features all the equipment needed for forensic examinations, failure analyses, as well as non-destructive testing.

Our labs are equipped with ultrasonic cleaners, fiber optic cameras, Digital microscopes, thermal measuring devices and digital display capabilities.  Additionally, our labs feature wide entry doors as well as bay doors to accommodate larger artifact analysis and a vehicle lift.  The CFI labs is climate-controlled and secured with 24-hour video surveillance and security.